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Wedding Planning During COVID-19

Wedding Planning and How to Make your “DREAMS STILL COME TRUE!”

Good moring couples, vendors and friends. We are reaching out to our very special clientele and fan base to say, HELLO – WE ARE STILL HERE AND DOING GREAT! We hope you are doing well and healthy to. We also wanted to give some tips and positive inspiration for everyone to share. We have all been adjusting and adapting. We at The Lookout Lodge have done our best to “PIVOT” and stay flexible. We have a great recommended reading list to address many questions and concerns that may seem impossible or daunting to answer at this time. Starting with a fantastic read in Here Comes The Guide I encourage you to pick up some tips and get ideas from this resource of professionals.


When we first began doing events and weddings we adopted the Dutch Brothers Creed and knew that this rising and enthusiastic coffee company was in line with our vision, goals and business ethics. Although it hangs on our office wall and at our business entry, I probably have not read it in the last 5 years. I have glanced at it, but it hasn’t had much significance since we started in business until NOW. Our promise to you is that NOTHING HAS CHANGED for us or our Exclusive Vendors that are here to service your weddings or events!




#1 We are here to “MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE” by being Creative and Strong.

#2 “WE’VE GOT THIS!” We will make decisions that support you with optimism and enthusiasm.

#3 “WE ARE MOVING FORWARD”….. Cheerfully and with a grateful heart for everyone that has been inconvenienced. It’s a great time to reveal character and improve ourselves.

#4 “WE ARE LEARNING FROM BEING UNCOMFORTABLE” and this will benefit you, our vendors, future clients and everyone that has a wedding or event here at The Lookout Lodge.

Stay healthy and positive and like the real Dutch Bros. Creed says, “make your optimism come true!”

Coordinators and Planners



Sincerely with Loyalty and Respect.



Creighkett Smith . venue operations

Jamie DeLong . certified professional wedding and event planner