Our Favorite Things about The Lookout Lodge

A lot of people ask us what our favorite things are about The Lookout Lodge when they’re out here on site for their venue visits, so we took some time to sit down and write up a few of them.

The thing we love most is the quiet, peaceful serenity of the property. It’s like entering a different world when you’re up here – whether you’re sitting on the split logs at the ceremony site or you’re hitting the volleyball over the net in the beach volleyball sand, or you’re sitting around the fire pit – the overwhelming impression is the tranquility. It’s an oasis from the outside world, and yet still close enough that you can hire great vendors for your event.


Next, while it goes along with the first one, it deserves it’s own call out. We absolutely love the Spring & Summer at The Lookout Lodge.  That cusp when everything is blooming and growing again, the explosion of renewal. It builds our excitement for the upcoming wedding season and all of the love stories that we will get to be a part of.


Now, what about our favorite spot at The Lookout Lodge? The Cascade Lookout Point takes that distinction. This point not only houses the best view in the house as you can see Three Fingers Mountain of the Cascade Mountain Range above the rise of trees ahead of you, but it’s also the spot where our Brides (and sometimes Grooms!) stand and look out upon their guests for one final moment before they begin their walk down the aisle to be married. It’s the perfect point to stop, take in a deep breath, savor the moment – and the view.


The last thing to make our list isn’t a place, it’s a philosophy. When you visit The Lookout Lodge for a venue tour, you may notice our Mission statement. While that’s the one that we put out on public display, there is so much more to it than that. The last thing we love most about The Lookout Lodge is our mindset. Having both experienced a multitude of mishaps and chaos at our own weddings and through years of working in the industry not just as venue owners and coordinators, but in catering and event staffing, we know that there is nothing we have seen or experienced that can ultimately, truly, ruin your day. We have the skill and the knowledge to handle anything thrown our way so that your wedding day is as seamless, calm, serene and imperfectly perfect as you can hope for.


What is your favorite thing about The Lookout Lodge? Share it in the comments below.

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